quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2011

Yeah, it wouldn't make any sense at all. Why should I bother trying to do something to call for attention if she wouldn't even notice? There are so many other important or relevant things to worry about. I feel like a dump person just to think about it.

But are you alright?
As I see it... yes. That's an certain answer, it fits:
Most likely yes, how look good, science points yes without a doubt.
But actually... the reply is a little more complicated.
Hazy, try again, ask again later, better not tell you now, cannot predict now, don't count on it.
So... my reply is no. My sources say no. How look not so good, very doubtful.

Very doubtful. Very twisted.
But let's just keep our heads up and maintain the confort of not having to dig this. Easier, however, not so relieving.

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